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Photography of white water rafting, horseback riding, hiking and fly fishing are posted online after every tour and available to everyone. On our first adventure tour of the Manso, we were lucky to have the company of both Augusto Dominguez, a professional landscape photographer from Santiago, Chile and Michael Martin, a professional photographer from Washington state. Almost all of the photography on this site is theirs.
Augusto is currently working on his third book on photography of Chile. Contact us if you are interested in Augusto's book, Tesoro Natural or Calendars of Chile. He can also be reached at:
If you would like to see more of Michael Martin's work, he can be contacted at

Shores of the Rio Manso. Augusto Dominguez
Rafting the Manso.
scenic photography
sport photography
The first ATAC tour.
Villarrica volcano smoking away.
general photography
black and white photography by michael martin

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